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Happy 8th Bday E!

Happy birthday to my #3 who will forever be my baby. With 2 older sisters and 4 older girl cousins, E is the queen of hand me downs. Every time I open up a box of old clothes, she has so many dresses to choose from. And yes, according to E, dresses are a must for birthday portraits. I always let her lead the whole session from her outfit choice (“I have to wear my crown headband and this moon necklace goes so perfectly with my dress!”) to her poses. This girl knows what she wants and she lets me know! I love that she still looks forward to her birthday portraits. Yesterday was a packed day and we had a 30 minute window to do the portraits. We just took a quick walk around the neighborhood and found this great area with fall colors. Fall in Granite Bay is beautiful!

Happy 13th Birthday!

I wasn’t so sure these portraits were going to happen. My kids all know that it’s a tradition for me to take their portraits on their birthday. For the past few months, A has been telling me that she doesn’t want me to take her portraits this year and that she hates doing them. Yes, I cried on the inside while telling her, “Ok, if that’s what you want.” I guess I kind of knew it was coming since she complained throughout all her birthday pics last year too. A couple of days before her birthday, A told me she wanted to do the portrait session because she knew how much it meant to me. I didn’t give her a chance to change her mind – I was so excited but I only screamed for joy on the inside and just responded calmly, “Ok, cool.” Teenagers…they keep things exciting, eh?

Dublin Family Portraits: Baby A

I am finally posting some portraits from Baby A’s 8 month session that were taken during the summer. Isn’t she a cutie? Look at how much she has grown since Christmas! Although it was surprisingly chilly that evening, she did really well and we were able to do a couple of outfit changes and accessory swaps. This little girl is going to need a bigger closet soon with all the stylish headbands, shoes, and outfits she has! Lucky girl!