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Happy 9th birthday K!


My K turned 9 today! Technically, it was yesterday but since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I still get to say “today.” That means I made it and am posting this on time!:)Instead of a birthday party, she chose to go hang out at the 2 local dog shelters and as a bonus we even hung out at PetSmart since they were holding an adoption event with lots of dogs to play with. She made sure she wore her crystal dog necklace and hot dog earrings so everyone would know she loves dogs. K has such a big heart for animals and if she could, we would of brought home all of the dogs we saw today. She hopes to open up a dog shelter when she grows up but admits she probably would have a hard time giving them up for adoption since she would love all of them. I had to stay firm and say no when she begged for Luna to have a doggy friend at home!

Fremont Family Portraits: O Family


It was so great to see the O Family again. They have been in Japan for several years and I’m so honored that I had the opportunity to photograph their family during their short stay in California. I remember sharing prayer requests and doing bible study with Jenny back when I was pregnant with #3 and she only had 1 child. It is such a blessing to see how much her family has grown – 3 kids is the magic number!:)

Chabot Space & Science Center Birthday Party: Aaron


Little A is 2! His birthday party was really out of this world (ha ha!). All the guests were treated to a private showing in the planetarium as well as private use of the telescope which was set up to view Venus. How cool is that?!! The Bill Nye (the science guy) exhibit had so many fun educational activities for the kids. What a fun party!