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Pumpkin Patch 2016


Every year since A was 12 months old, we’ve taken the kids to the pumpkin patch for some portraits and a pumpkin for each of the girls. For the past 8 years, we’ve gone to the same place in Castro Valley but now that we moved we had to find a new place to start a new tradition. I was excited when we found this 16 acre farm with a haunted barn, corn maze, petting zoo and plenty of pumpkins. I had told the girls we were almost done with the portraits when I found the gorgeous backdrop of sunflowers – I could’ve stayed in that spot the whole evening and I would’ve been happy. My kids though? They kept muttering to each other, “C’mon just stand here and smile so we can get this over with.” Seriously. My. Own. Kids. One thing that made me laugh though? E’s poses. She kept telling me to make sure I get her shoes in the pictures!

Maternity Portraits: P Family


I went down to San Jose this weekend to attend a baby shower honoring the P family (a big perk of taking a break this holiday season is being able to attend family events!). It was supposed to rain all weekend but I brought my camera just in case and I was able to take a few portraits for my cousin-in-law. It was windy and there were cars lined up and down the street so we were limited to where we could shoot, but momma-to-be looks so gorgeous she could stand anywhere and would still look good!

Going from the Bay Area to Granite Bay

986c2de92af8bb5be23d1aac38713c438540c5a28a60dcc07f345e222416f134This has been a season of change for my family. After years of talking about moving out of the Bay Area, we finally made the big jump and sold our home in July. Although this was our third home, it was definitely the hardest move for us since we were there for 9 years. We bought our first home 3 months before we got married and I told everyone that buying a home while planning a wedding was the most stressful thing you could ever do. Then, we sold that house while I was 8 months pregnant. I told everyone that packing and moving while pregnant was the worst thing ever. We put our second home on the market 4 weeks after I gave birth to our second daughter. I told everyone that moving with a newborn and a 2 year old was a nightmare. Then, we sold our third home. I thought it couldn’t get any worse since I’ve been through it all. Moving with 2 girls (my youngest didn’t mind moving) who had already established strong friendships was so incredibly hard. Both of them came home the last day of school sobbing and I joined them too. We left a great community of friends, neighbors, and clients. But as a family, we are growing and experiencing this new life together.

So far, the kids are doing ok and they have their good days and some days aren’t so great. It’s not easy starting a new school and making all new friends. I miss the familiarity of my community and I’m looking forward to our new place becoming more like “home.”

As I get situated here and focus on making sure my kids are thriving, I will be taking a break this holiday season. It feels so weird to actually type those words. For most photographers, the holiday season is the busiest (and stressful) time of the year. For the past 8 years, holiday meant the kids knew they wouldn’t see me much of the weekends from Sept-Dec. I’m looking forward to this time of rest and to be able to attend different events with my kids on the weekends.

Please contact me if you happen to be in the Sacramento area! Would love to see some familiar faces here!

Happy 10th Birthday K!


10 years ago today, I remember going to my 37 week appointment and being told to go straight to the hospital because K was ready to be born! Unlike her big sister who took 22 hours to be born, K was out with 1 push after 6 hours of labor. That’s been very indicative of her personality – fast (whether it’s walking, talking, or eating, I’m always telling her to slow down!) and easy going. She had no problem with me taking her outside in the hot sun for some portraits and even when we spotted a mouse at the park she still put on a smile for me. I’m so blessed that I get to see that smile daily. Happy birthday K!