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Allied Arts Guild Wedding: C&G {Menlo Park Wedding Photographer}


The day started with Courtney surrounded by her closest friends, her sister, and her mom. And of course, champagne! These ladies were so fun and so gorgeous! There was a lot of laughter and a little bit of tears too as everyone watched Courtney transform into a bride. Courtney & Goran opted to do a first look before the ceremony and it was so sweet to have the mother of the bride around the corner also witnessing this special moment. You can see her peeking out from behind the tree in the image above!:)Goran couldn’t stop smiling when he saw his beautiful bride. Courtney emphasized that she wanted a relaxed vibe at the wedding, and guess what the guests were treated with for dinner? A pizza truck! Yes, they know how to feed their guests! Congrats to the N’s!

Venue: Allied Arts Guild
DJ: Wedding Tech Entertainment
Pizza: Del Popolo


Sneak Peek for Baby A {Alamo Dol/Korean First Birthday Photographer}


Baby A celebrated his first birthday at the Round Hill Country Club with all of his family and friends. He was all smiles for his party and even took a little power nap so he could party all night! Hey, you need energy to smash the cake!:)The kids were all treated to an animal show and it was definitely worth watching. They even got to pet some of the animals and even had a chance to hold a snake! Baby A, I hope you enjoyed your special night!

Party Styling by: Lolliparty

Animal Show by: Fur, Scales, and Tails

Sneak Peek for Baby A {Pleasanton Family Photographer}


I took “Munchkin’s” 1 year portraits back in 2011 and look at him now! He’s sitting on the same little stool that was half his size back in 2011. Now he’s a big brother and I had the opportunity to take Baby A’s 1 year portraits with the same  backdrop and stool. Baby A loved being in front of the camera! I love how regal he looks in his hanbok and how cool he looks with his baseball cap on. One of my favorite images from the session is the black and white portrait of the brothers looking at each other. Baby A kept gravitating toward the window and his older brother went right next to him. I love these kind of moments that just happen on their own. Wouldn’t it be cute to recreate the same pose every few years?:)

Park Day {San Ramon Family Photographer}

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We’ve been fortunate to have such a warm winter (although this also means we’re experiencing a drought) that the kids have been able to play at the park anytime they want.  I, like most parents take a ton of pictures of my kids with my iphone but as you know, you cannot take action shots with a camera phone. How many of you have tried taking pictures of the kids on the swing? Most often, you end up with a lot of blur or if they’re swinging really fast, they end up not even being in the picture! When you want a sharp image, you have to use a camera with a high shutter speed so you can freeze the motion. I used my Canon 5d miii with my 35mm 1.4 lens and my settings for the swinging images were: 1/2500 sec;   f/1.8;   ISO 200. I usually only take out my slr for special occasions and obviously for work, but park outings can be special too. And yes, that’s a big hole in E’s leggings. It was tiny before she started playing and it just kept growing and growing!

Quiet Moments {San Ramon Family Photographer}

blog1 blog2K & E are both strong willed and really know how to push each other’s buttons. K tries to play the big sister role to E but E is fiercely independent and doesn’t like anyone to tell her what to do.  So when I was on my way downstairs and saw them having a nice, quiet moment together, I RAN to my office to grab my camera. These moments really “make my heart smile,” as E would say.