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>Sneak Peek for Lee Family {Newborn Portraits}


Mom calming J down.

Success! Fast asleep…

Perfect little toes.

Nice and comfortable under the hot studio lights.
Meet little J. He’s only 7 days old but acted much older. He was already moving his head and kicking his legs and showing me what positions he wanted to be in! I’m sure he’s just getting ready to play with his 2 older brothers. Congrats C and P on your new addition. 3 kids is a blessing!

>Every photographer needs…


a cute camera bag! I made an impulse purchase last night but I am SO excited and have no regrets…yet.:)I didn’t know I needed a new camera bag. I was perfectly happy with my black no frills camera backpack that I’ve had for years. But then I came upon a line of camera bags called Epiphanie and I knew I NEEDED a new bag. The tough part was choosing which one I wanted! I kept debating between the black Lola and the turquoise Belle bag. In the end, I ended up buying the Belle one because the color matches my business cards. haha! My husband looked at the pictures and said, “Those look like purses. It doesn’t look practical.” That’s the whole point of these bags – to look like a purse so it doesn’t look like you’re carrying a camera bag filled with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The practical part? I hope he’s wrong. The only impractical part might be that turquoise doesn’t go with everything – which means i might have to buy the Lola bag as well.:)

>The photographer’s kids…


get neglected! 
Everyone thinks that my kids must have a ton of pictures. The sad thing is that they often get left behind as I focus on work. I have a lot of snapshots of the kids but they actually don’t get very many “professional portraits” from mommy. And when I do get a chance to do some shots with my slr, they stay in the digital black hole until I find some time to edit them. I always feel a pang of guilt when I create beautiful dol albums and slideshows for my clients. My poor kids don’t have any of those things! Of course, I fantasize that I will create one for my youngest since her dol is coming up. But with the holiday season being my busiest time, I know that it will be just that – a fantasy. Also, I realize that if I do a full dol session with E and make an album, I would have to go back and dig up old pictures to create one for my other two daughters. And the reality? My other kids have maybe 20 pictures from their dol parties. Sigh…the cobbler’s wife has no shoes? My kids have no pictures! 
Anyway, I realized today that my little E is almost 10 months old! I never took her 9 month portraits (guilt coming!) but I found a few shots that I took in the playroom a few weeks ago. And the one by the glass door? That’s from this morning…right before she fell back and hit her head on the floor. More mommy guilt! 

>What to wear guides {Fall Family 2}


Don’t be afraid of color. I love pops of vibrant colors and multiple colors really can work together in a family portrait. Wow – how many more times can I say the word, color? I like color. Wear it.

bella - September 8, 2010 - 9:40 am

>you know me – i love color :) ! yellow for caitee's one year portraits was fun. hmmm…now i'm trying to figure out what we'll wear for our holiday session :) .

>What to wear guides {Casual Summer}


I don’t know what’s going on with the weather but it’s 11:30pm and it’s still 80 degrees outside.  So although I said goodbye to summer a few days ago, I was inspired to create a summer what to wear guide with shades of blue, brown and a pop of orange. If your family mimics the example above with 3 boys, mom has to stand out with a bright blue tank top as the queen of the family!

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