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>Sneak Peek for Moon Family


I had a fun morning with J&J yesterday as we braved the summer heat for their 2 year portraits. We tried looking for snails, and they made me a lot of yummy food with sand (ice cream, bap & gim, pizza, milk). Yes, all I ever do is think of food! Thanks Moon family for letting me capture this precious ‘just turned 2’ time with the twins.
*For some reason, the colors aren’t showing up accurately in blogspot – you’ll be able to see the true color/sharpness in my gallery. I’ll send you the link to your online gallery soon!

>Sneak Peek for Chan Family


Just 1 year ago, I remember taking my niece, L out for her 1 year portraits. I can’t believe I’m already taking her brother’s pictures for his dol! He was all smiles after we realized that he didn’t like grass. He made the session really easy for me – since he can’t walk yet, I didn’t have to chase him at all! My 5 month pregnant belly thanks him!!

Blogspot thumbnails are screwing with the true colors of the photo – click on the pictures for more accurate color.

>Sneak Peek for Park Family: Part 2


The Park family returned for the second half of their photo session at the beautiful Clubhouse in Dublin. Although it was a windy day, little A had no problem exploring the grounds and the community playground. She was a trooper – even with multiple outfit changes, she kept a smile on her face for me. We had a fun evening running around and smelling the “bangoo flowers!” 

>Always be prepared!

>Danny tells me that his dad used to always tell him to “BP” (Be Prepared.) Good thing I’ve learned my lesson over the years that a computer can be very unstable. 2 days ago, my beloved iMac died. Luckily, Danny has taught me to always save my important documents to the NAS. What’s a NAS? I’m glad you asked. Go to: for more info! Anyway, if it weren’t for the NAS, I would have lost critical, critical photos – photos that I haven’t even shared with my clients yet! My tech guy, a.k.a. Danny will be rebuilding my machine today so I can have my glorious huge screen back. I’m currently typing on the computer in the master bedroom and the colors on the screen are so bleh. Yes, I’m picky but that’s my job. Hopefully by tomorrow, I’ll be able to share some sneak peeks from my latest session. 

>Sneak peek for the Park Family


It has been a long time since my last post. I have a good excuse though! I’ve been in the trenches of morning sickness and am finally starting to see the light. It felt so good to get back to work with a mini portrait session for my friend. Her mom was visiting for a short time and wanted to get some pictures of her 2 girls with their grandmother. We did a short session in the studio for some traditional portraits and I’m looking forward to part 2 of our session when we let loose and have some fun outside!