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Sunnyvale Family Portraits: Mini Session: G Family


Meet the G Family! They are officially my last mini session of the year and it was a fantastic way to end my holiday shooting season. I know I did some silly things trying to get smiles out of baby A and I think mom and dad laughed more at me than he did!:)We had a lot of fun and I was happy they included their dog in the portraits as well. It has been non stop for the past couple of months and I am so grateful for the all the wonderful new clients that have entrusted me to take their family portraits. Thank you!

Danville Family Portraits: Mini Session: K Family


It was cold and sprinkling but we braved the weather and luckily the heavy rain didn’t start until after the photo session. The K kids were so adorable and it was so cute how they each had to have a turn being in the coveted middle spot between mom and dad for the pictures. Since my oldest is now 10, I feel like my time of being special and wanted is slipping away! Blackhawk Plaza was being decorated for the holidays and it was a perfect backdrop for Christmas portraits. I suggested we shoot there without knowing that the plaza sculptures were created by dad! I love when there is something personal that can be included, and we were surrounded by all these personal creations. Thank you K family for trusting me and allowing me to take your portraits in the rain!

Lanisa - December 3, 2014 - 10:01 pm

Janet, you are such a natural! We enjoyed our time with you! Can’t wait to see the rest.

Saratoga Family Portraits: L Family

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This is the third family I’ve photographed this year with 4 kids. What a blessing to have 4! I wish I had one more child right after I had #3 but now I count my dog, Luna as my 4th baby.:)The L Family did an extended family shoot and it was so worth it to drive an hour to do the session in Saratoga. The garden was so pretty and the persimmon trees added a nice pop of color to the portraits!  We were losing light fast as the clouds were coming in for the week of rain ahead but the smiles added a cheerfulness to the gloomy weather.

Dublin Family Portraits: Mini Session: R Family

rfamilykidsAlthough I shoot at a lot of the same locations over and over it never gets boring for me. Every family and every photo shoot is so unique and it definitely keeps me on my toes! This Dublin location has been a favorite of my clients this year! The R Family came to me through a referral (Thank you S Family!!) and they were super flexible to work with. Although they don’t live in the tri valley  they drove up and I got to spend a morning with their adorable 3 kiddos. We laughed, little R may have shed some tears, but we also got a lot of smiles! Doesn’t mom have a beautiful smile?