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Park Day {San Ramon Family Photographer}

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We’ve been fortunate to have such a warm winter (although this also means we’re experiencing a drought) that the kids have been able to play at the park anytime they want.  I, like most parents take a ton of pictures of my kids with my iphone but as you know, you cannot take action shots with a camera phone. How many of you have tried taking pictures of the kids on the swing? Most often, you end up with a lot of blur or if they’re swinging really fast, they end up not even being in the picture! When you want a sharp image, you have to use a camera with a high shutter speed so you can freeze the motion. I used my Canon 5d miii with my 35mm 1.4 lens and my settings for the swinging images were: 1/2500 sec;   f/1.8;   ISO 200. I usually only take out my slr for special occasions and obviously for work, but park outings can be special too. And yes, that’s a big hole in E’s leggings. It was tiny before she started playing and it just kept growing and growing!

Quiet Moments {San Ramon Family Photographer}

blog1 blog2K & E are both strong willed and really know how to push each other’s buttons. K tries to play the big sister role to E but E is fiercely independent and doesn’t like anyone to tell her what to do.  So when I was on my way downstairs and saw them having a nice, quiet moment together, I RAN to my office to grab my camera. These moments really “make my heart smile,” as E would say.


Sneak peek for L Family {Mountain View Dol/Korean First Birthday Photographer}


Party Styling by: Lolliparty

Balloon Animals by: A New Twist

Little C had an elegant first birthday party/ dol complete with balloon animals and cupcakes. As you can see, he enjoyed every minute of it, sharing his sweet smile with all the guests. Look out world – we’ve got a future golf pro in the making!

Merry Christmas 2013

(high def version)

To our dear friends and family,

As we head into the last couple weeks of 2013, we want to take a moment to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and to share the 6th installment of our annual Moon Clan video.

Audrey (9) is in 4th grade and started violin this year and it’s been fun for Janet to dust off the violin and start playing again. Both Kaylee (7) and Audrey are taking taekwondo lessons and have just started sparring.  Ellie(4) is in pre-K, enjoys being the center of attention, and always getting what she wants:).

May 2014 be filled with peace and joy.

With love,
The Moon Clan
Danny, Janet, Audrey, Kaylee, Ellie

Sneak Peek for L Family: {Danville Family Photographer}

leefamily1 leefamily2 leefamily3 leefamily4 leefamily5Yep, it’s snowing in Danville! Since the L family was my last holiday session for the year, I decided to have some fun with a little bit of snow. Californians need a white Christmas too! The pic of the girls throwing the snow up in the air cracks me up. Little C was jumping so much her scarf hit her in the face, but you can still see her smile.:)Mom did a fantastic job adding pops of color with the scarves for each of the girls. I’ve been photographing the L family for several years now and I love that the girls show their personalities in the portraits. See how C threw back her leg in the second image? That’s all her. So cute!