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Sneak Peek for P Family {Danville Family Photographer}

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The last time I photographed the P Family, I was 9 months pregnant with #3. They were my last clients before I had E 12 days later.  Fast forward 4 years and I was able to run and jump along with the kids this time! Love seeing the kids grow up and being able to freeze these moments for mom and dad.:)

Pumpkin Patch 2013 {San Ramon Family Photographer}

blog774 blog775 blog776 blog777The girls look forward to going to the pumpkin patch every year, and I do too. There’s something about being in a field surrounded by pumpkins that turns you into a little kid. No, I didn’t knock over every pumpkin…but the thought did cross my mind.  Now the kids fully know the drill – first I get to take pictures and then they can go on the rides and then pick out a pumpkin to take home. We always decorate the pumpkins with stickers and sharpies but we’ve finally lost the battle and told the girls we can carve the pumpkins this year. I am fearful of the mess but I guess I can’t hold out much longer!

Sneak Peek for F Family {San Francisco Family Photographer}




It’s been 10 years since I’ve visited the Palace of Fine Arts in SF. I was there to witness C and J get married and how fitting that we return a decade later – this time with 2 kiddos and 2 dogs (and my hubby and 3 kiddos came along too). A lot has happened in those 10 years! I love capturing these milestones and I love having clients (and friends!) who choose to celebrate special occasions with portraits.  Can’t wait to come back here for their 20th anniversary!

Sneak Peek for W Family {Danville Family Photographer}

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Recognize these victorian homes? This photo shoot took place on Postcard Row in SF with a beautiful backdrop of Victorian architecture. They’re also the homes featured in the opening credits of the tv show, Full House. I grew up watching the Tanner Family every week – yikes, does this mean I’m old?:)Probably. Well, I wasn’t the only fan of Full House as the area was packed with  people enjoying the gorgeous view and the rare 80 degree weather. I met the W family through a referral and although I’ve only chatted with T a few times on the phone I immediately felt comfortable with her. Loved her style – those boots and Tory Burch bag were gorgeous! And those kids? Seriously adorable. We decided to go for an urban and iconic SF style shoot. In one small area, we got graffiti, Victorian architecture, and beautiful trees. There’s even a SF 49ers flag hanging from the top window of one of the painted ladies. Go niners! There’s nothing like SF!