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San Francisco Family Portraits: C Family



The C Family was all prepared for the SF weather with vests, beanies and boots but instead we should have had shorts and tshirts! It was an unusually warm Nov day and the beach was filled with people and dogs. It was a challenge trying to take portraits – there was even a half marathon going on at the time! But we managed to get some cute shots and the blue sky was a beautiful backdrop against the Golden Gate bridge.

Monica - November 4, 2014 - 11:11 am

Janet, these turned out great!!! Despite all the challenges, the shoot worked out perfectly. Thanks to your positive attitude and flexibility, of course. The mood is exactly SF, you never know what you’ll get—and you take full advantage of every day. Love the blue skies, the happy faces, and the sandy beach. :) We went for lunch in Sausalito after the shoot and then a for a nice drive in the Marin headlands.

Danville Family Portraits: mini session: Y-C Family




This was my 3rd time photographing the Y-C Family for their Holiday portraits and big A really tapped into his inner modeling skills this time!:)Most young kids aren’t too excited about taking pictures for 30 minutes (um, especially when they walk by a cool playground that they’re dying to play on!) so what’s a photographer to do? I get them moving, including the parents. We do a lot of running, jumping, spinning, and I know the parents get a good arm workout too!  I mean, what kid wants to stay still and say cheese? See 2012 amd 2011 sessions.

Pumpkin Patch 2014

pumpkinpatch1pumpkinpatch2pumpkinpatch3 pumpkinpatch4pumpkinpatch


Going to Moore’s pumpkin patch is one of our favorite family traditions. We love coming back to the same place every year and seeing how much the kids have grown (they have a growth chart we take a picture with every year) and what they have outgrown as well. My baby E looked forward to the train ride every year since she was 1, but this year she told me, “I think the train ride is too babyish.” What???!! Sigh…I have to accept that she is growing up. I mean, look at that leg pose! She’s got that Angelina Jolie leg pose down perfect! A and K usually complain that I take too many pictures but this year they were ok with it and actually seemed to have some fun with it! Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.:)