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Sneak Peek for C Family {Fremont Family Photographer}

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3 posts in one day? That means only one thing – it’s Holiday season! I have done photo shoots at this park for the last 5 years and this was the first year where there were tons of other photographers with their clients all around the red barn. I found my little 10 ft of space and claimed it!:) November is the busiest month for portrait photographers. I really can’t complain. I get to meet so many families each year and even when shooting in locations where I’ve shot before, every photo session ends up being unique and special for different reasons. The C family was so nice to work with and the boys made everything so easy for me!  Grandparents came along too for some portraits with the grandsons – loved the pop of color with the red sweater and red shoes!

Happy 4th birthday

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Happy Veterans Day and Happy 4th birthday to my little E! She has been waiting for this day for a long time. 2 of her cousins plus her grandma’s birthdays are all on the same week as hers and as we celebrated each one she kept saying, “Now is it MY birthday??” Today is finally her special day. She woke up extra early and came into my room and showed me how she was going to blow out her candles. She has been practicing! Love my little E who still loves pink and Hello Kitty.

Sneak Peek for L-Y Family {Santa Clara Family Photographer}



From these portraits, you’d think we were in the middle of spring, not early November. Gotta love California! I met the L Family for holiday portraits right outside their home and this beautiful garden provided the perfect backdrop. Having grandma in town to capture some portraits together made it even more perfect.  N first contacted me last year but I was already booked solid and wasn’t able to do her family  portraits. So glad we were able to finally meet!

Sneak Peek for W Family {San Ramon Family Photographer}

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The kids and I had a blast during this mini session.  Little R is my bff now!:)I love that moment when the kids realize I’m there to have fun and play with them.  All the reservations and hesitation they had about me melts away and their natural smiles come out! Of course, this is where I have to do silly things and embarrass myself…but hey, it’s worth it!

Sneak Peek for C Family {San Ramon Family Photographer}


Fall season is here! The kids were so cold during this photo shoot but we were still able to have some fun enjoying the beautiful garden. Who needs toys when there are pretty leaves to find everywhere? It’s so nice that many of my clients are including their parents for their portraits. I was very close with my grandma so it is extra special for me to see the grandma/grandchildren relationship.  A & M remind me a lot of my older girls – I used to dress them the same when they were this age too.  :)