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Happy 10th birthday!

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10 years ago today, I received the most precious wedding anniversary gift. My daugher, A came screaming into the world after 22 hours of labor on our 2nd wedding anniversary. I happily share this special day with my eldest daughter…though I am looking forward to the future when the tables are turned and she will be planning special anniversary surprises and presents for us while we sit back and relax!


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Yesterday was one of those days where the kids were pushing each others buttons and all I could hear every couple of minutes was, “mommy!” So what did I do? I made the kids all go in the backyard to play so I could make dinner in peace. However, as I was standing by the stove, I looked out the window and saw beautiful evening light and smiles! I stopped making dinner (I know, bad mommy) and I grabbed my camera and joined the girls outside.  My kids, like most kids nowadays are so attached to electronics but when they are unattached to the devices, they actually run around and play! I love seeing them creating obstacle courses in the yard and playing with bubbles. Even though none of the kids were dressed for a “portrait session” I love the few shots I got of them because they are being themselves. Yes, K is wearing my flip flops which are way too big for her and with a huge minecraft logo shirt (which I always advise against having distracting logos for portraits!) and A is wearing her pjs, and my grass is dead (California is in a drought!) but sometimes you gotta go with what you are presented with! This is home and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

San Ramon Family Portraits: G Family


Meet the G family! These 2 little boys and I spent Sunday morning playing “baseball” with the apples and persimmons we found on the ground and picking “wheat” (aka weeds) along the path. We played, we ran and we explored all along the park. Mom did a fabulous job styling the whole family for a relaxed and comfortable photo shoot. Notice how they are all coordinated but not wearing identical clothes? Love it!

Holiday Mini Sessions 2014 {San Ramon Family Photographer}



Mini sessions are open! The fall holiday season is the only time I offer mini sessions and if you are looking to update your family portraits for holiday cards, it’s time to reserve your spot now! I had to turn away multiple families last year because my schedule was so full. I hate to do that and I try to do multiple sessions in a day but this year I vow to keep my sanity (and see my family once in a while!) by only offering 15 sessions. Contact me for more details on the Holiday collections.

Megan - November 15, 2014 - 2:35 pm

Hi, I’m interested in details on the holiday mini sessions. Thanks.

San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum Party: Andrew {San Jose Family Photographer}

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The Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose is such an awesome venue for a birthday party. The kids had so many things to explore and they even got to meet members of the San Jose Fire Department who came to celebrate with the birthday boy. Andrew had a huge smile on his face the entire night. Happy 4th Andrew!