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Sneak Peek for C Family {Saratoga Dol / Korean First Birthday Photographer}


Little N had an animal themed party which included a full candy bar, magic show, crazy balloon creations, and an extra special video made by his dad. Seriously, his videos are SO good. Rather than following his dad’s techie side, it looks like N will be following his dad’s athletic footsteps. He chose (or rather, kicked) the soccer ball for the doljabi! Future athlete! Fighting! Yes, I’ve been watching too many korean dramas lately…

Party Styling by Lolliparty

Magic Show and Balloon Creations by Pat in the Hat 


Sneak Peek for P Family {San Ramon Family Photographer}



I was so honored to spend an evening with the P family.  I met H 6 years ago when I first moved to San Ramon and she is truly one of the strongest and most positive woman I have ever met.  H, thank you for giving me this opportunity to capture your spirit, your amazing love for your family, and for sharing your friendship with me.


E’s going places

blog756Did I mention she was growing up too fast? Today E tried out K’s hand me down little bicycle with training wheels . She’s been riding a tricycle for a while so she was so excited and kept saying, “Am I big now?” She’s pretty good at pedaling but doesn’t quite get the concept of braking. She pedals full force and then lifts her hands and legs up while screaming that she’s going “really fast.” How does she stop? She doesn’t until she crashes into something that stops her. I think that explains her personality pretty well. Oh, and she’s wearing her favorite “owl dress” again with her favorite “ballet shirt” on top of it.  She’s got a closet full of clothes and she wears this almost every. single. day.