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San Ramon Family Portraits: P Family

parkportraitportraitI love shooting the P Family! (that sounds bad, I know) They are just the nicest, most relaxed family ever and I was thrilled when they booked a holiday session. I met them at the Gardens and little J wanted to explore and jump in the bushes. That’s when I became a spy and took pictures of J while he went on his adventures in the bushes. 🙂  Little S (or should I say big S since she is going to be my height pretty soon!) was a natural in front of the camera!

Pleasanton Family Portraits: Y-C Family

colorfulfamilyportraitbrothersfamilyportraitrainbowToday was a rainy, gloomy day in San Ramon. We don’t get those days too often here and after a few hours of dark clouds, I was definitely missing the sun already. It’s almost hard to believe that I met the Y-C Family just 2 days ago on a bright, warm Halloween morning! Their colorful shirts and big smiles are the best cure for the gloomy weather! (I know, I can’t complain about the rain! California needs lots of it!)


San Jose 9 month portraits: Baby F


Portrait session #3 and Baby F is now a seasoned pro. He worked hard flashing that sweet smile of his and by the end of the session, he was ready for a power nap. So glad I got to capture his first time on the swing by himself (he loved it!) and also take some portraits with his grandparents.  Looking forward to capturing more milestones in 3 months when he turns 1!