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Fairmont Hotel Superhero Birthday Party: Andrew

fairmonthotelpartyfairmonthotelsuperherocakesuperheropartysuperheromaskkidsbdaymenusuperherobirthdaypartysuperherobdayparty1superherobdaypartybatmanpartycfamilykoreanfirstbirthdayAndrew’s 5th birthday bash was so fun! I was star struck when 5 superheroes arrived to entertain the kids (seriously, I even asked them to take a picture with me!). The guests had superhero training by the superheroes themselves and even got to sit in the bat mobile. So cool! I photographed Andrew’s dol when he turned 1 and he napped for a good chunk of that party. There was no way he was going to sleep through this party! It was so cute to see him doing push ups and karate chops training to be the next superhero. He had a huge grin on his face the whole day. Happy 5th birthday!

Danville Dol Party / Korean First Birthday: Baby P





Oh the places, you’ll go! Parker turned 1 last weekend and his Dr Seuss themed party was so cute! Your Event by Erin did an incredible job with all the details. There was an abundance of activities for the guests, from face painting to caricature and lots of goodies like shaved ice and cotton candy! I did try the cotton candy and it was a perfect little treat!

Parker seemed to fully understand the theme of this party as he went straight for the globe for the doljabi. He has great adventures in his future. Can’t wait to see the places you’ll go! You’re off to great places!

Party Styling: Your Event by Erin
Cake: Kitty Wong Pastry Shop
Cotton Candy: Sweet Puff Candy


Menlo Park Family Portraits: C Family


3 generations all together in one portrait. How precious is that? But how many of us actually have a multi generational family portrait? Every time a client requests this, I think to myself to get my act together and do one with my kids and my parents but I haven’t done it yet! Yes, that is next on my priority list!

The day of the portrait session was a bit of a challenge as the weather was incredibly hot and we had to work around a wedding but we made the most of it without crashing the ceremony. Look at how much the boys have grown since their last session 2 years ago!

Happy 9th birthday K!


My K turned 9 today! Technically, it was yesterday but since I haven’t gone to bed yet, I still get to say “today.” That means I made it and am posting this on time!:)Instead of a birthday party, she chose to go hang out at the 2 local dog shelters and as a bonus we even hung out at PetSmart since they were holding an adoption event with lots of dogs to play with. She made sure she wore her crystal dog necklace and hot dog earrings so everyone would know she loves dogs. K has such a big heart for animals and if she could, we would of brought home all of the dogs we saw today. She hopes to open up a dog shelter when she grows up but admits she probably would have a hard time giving them up for adoption since she would love all of them. I had to stay firm and say no when she begged for Luna to have a doggy friend at home!